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Be a Head Runner

If you share our values or simply want to be a part of Head Runners then we would love for you to join us on our journey.

Our Facebook group offers a safe place for people to talk about all things running and mental health. We share, support & encourage each other and is the best place to be to feel part of our incredible, very special community.

You can also join us on Instagram, Twitter and Strava


If you are a parkrunner you can change your club to Head Runners on the parkrun website

Thanks to our amazing members we already have several live running groups in Leicestershire, Devon, Wiltshire, County Durham, Southend and Birmingham! If you would like more information on these then please drop us an email at

In the late 2021 we aim to become an affiliated running club with England Athletics and we would love you to join this space!

Already affiliated? No problem at all! We will be working with running clubs nationwide to promote Head Runners as your second claim club.

Our aim is to become the number one running community in the UK dedicated to mental health and supporting those who need help.

If you have a question or just want to drop us a message to say hello the simply email us at

We are here to help

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