Run Smart, Run Safe!

With so many of us now taking up running and being out there on the streets (often alone), it is always good practice to remind ourselves of the importance of staying safe. We all want to be able to go out for a run without fear and enjoy the open air, however being street savvy is key!

Check out our self-preservation tips below -

1) Run with a partner (or a dog) whenever and wherever you can. There is always increased safety when running in numbers.

2) Always tell at least one person the route you are running and plan it in advance so you are confident of where you are going.

3) Wear reflective and/or bright clothing, vital when running after dusk. A headlamp is always a great safety addition too.

4) Vary your routes and days, don't become predictable. Where possible, try to stay on well travelled/well lit roads. If running alone avoid taking shortcuts like fields and woods.

5) Ditch wearing headphones, or at the very most wear just one ear-piece and turn the volume down low. Stay alert to the noises around you, particularly traffic and pedestrians.

6) Take a mobile phone or ID with you. Turn your pass-code off before you leave in case it is required in an emergency.

7) Run against/towards the traffic. Facing the oncoming vehicles gives both you and the driver a clearer view and allows you to be ready for last-minute maneuvers. Where possible avoid rush hour times.

8) Always trust your own instincts. If you feel that something isn't quite right then change your route and head for a safer option.

Follow these handy tips and have a great run! #runsmartrunsafe


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