Urban Running


About Us

Welcome! We are Paul & Zoe.

Fortysomething partners and runners with four children and a cat! Leicestershire, England

We are calling on the running community and those who would love to join us.

I have been involved in running for over 30 years, Zoe for the last 5. We have always enjoyed taking part in races and events. However, during that time we have grown to enjoy helping and encouraging other runners much, much more. The buzz you get from seeing someone reach their goals, even go from never running before to running a 5K and beyond is an amazing feeling.

Running has been kind to us over the years, and now feels like the right time to give something back to those in need.

Founded in 2020, Head Runners work is dedicated to raising awareness and helping people living with mental health issues.

Please join us in supporting those in need.

Thank you